Book Proposal (in progress)

God’s Guessing Game 

A Player’s Guide

In the tradition of the Tao Te Ching and the Art of War, this player’s guide teaches a western alchemical solution process to evolve your judgement and improve your consequences in the universal and timeless game of guessing right.

Text Outline

Part 1: The Threshold of Uncertainty – Welcome to the Game

Part 2: The Learning Cycle – Outward through Story Space

Part 3: The Mysterious Pass – The Escape from Story Space

Part 4: The Character Wars – Mapping Story Space

Part 5: The Player’s Way - A Lifetime of Adventure

Part 6: Case Study – Stock Trading: A Quantitative Challenge

Part 7: Appendix

—- A) Selected Alchemical Texts (1995 – 2014)

—- B) Glossary

—- C) References

This book Is in progress. 

The Lord’s Bedchamber

My Secret Hero Journey

by Christopher Sly

The true story of my secret hero journey to solve the problem of man’s inhumanity to man to answer my mother’prayers for peace.

Story Outline

Act I: In which I awaken in The Lord’s Bedchamber.

Act II: In which Christopher Sly awakens in The Lord’s Bedchamber, by William Shakespeare.

Act III: In which I put Bacchus on to challenge Shakespeare for the Players.

Act IV: In which Bacchus takes on the role of Christopher Sly and awakens in The Lord’s Bedchamber.

Act V: In which Pope Francis awakens in The Lord’s Bedchamber – by Christopher Sly.

Referenced Texts

In Medias Res: Here me oh muse.

Act I: High Ground – The bizarre story of my Awakening (19

Acts II, III, IV: The Lord’s Bedchamber (2002)

Act V: Letters to Pope Francis (2014) -

-      Act I: The Call to Adventure

-      Act II: The Threshold of Uncertainty

-      Act III: The Hero Returns

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