By Christopher Sly

Free eNovels
Children of Tarot
 (formerly Boiling Point) – A social science fiction thriller
Witch’s Rock (formerly Hero Nation) – A literary nightmare

Hero Solution Engine
Hero Engine Game: Justification
Hero Engine: Game Algorithm
Hero Engine Game: Defining the Problem
Hero Engine Game: Hero Logic & Hero Relays
Hero Engine Game: Solution Writer’s Journey
Team Problem Solving: Solution Team
Recursive Hero Calls & Solution Threads
Hero Engine Mission & Tactics: Samaka Permaculture

Selected Works
A Writer’s Guide to the Hero Way – The Story of Transformation
High Ground: The Bizarre Story of my Awakening
Who is Christopher Sly?: My Writer’s Journey
New Atlantis: Video to Governor Schwarzenegger
Bring on the Hero Show! Petition to Governor Brown
Hero Engine Diagram – Worth 10,000 Words
The Uncertainty Principle – Fiction based on High Ground
Dropping In – An Alchemical Exercise in Surfing Reality
The Question of Nihilism – The Virtue of Uncertainty (Humility)

Letters to Pope Francis
Why Letters to Pope Francis?
Author’s Forward
Re: The Peace Story – Ending War and Poverty
Re: The Threshold of Uncertainty
Re: The Hero Jesus Story and the Crucifixion Climax


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