By Christopher Sly

Hero Solution Engine
Hero Engine Game: Justification
Hero Engine: Game Algorithm
Hero Engine Game: Defining the Problem
Hero Engine Game: Hero Logic & Hero Relays
Hero Engine Game: Solution Writer’s Journey
Team Problem Solving: Solution Team
Recursive Hero Calls & Solution Threads

The Hero Science Project: Writer’s Journal
The Bacchus Town Writers Community
Eddie Would Go
Happy Birthday Jesus
Searching for the Story
The Hero Gets Back Up
The Bacchus Town Writer’s Group
Hollywood Builds a Hero Engine
The Hero Science Project
The Hero Way
The Hero-Saint Bridge
Searching for my Characters
Plotting Notes: Character Wars

Selected Alchemical Works
High Ground: The Bizarre Story of my Awakening
Who is Christopher Sly?: My Writer’s Journey
New Atlantis: Video to Governor Schwarzenegger
Bring on the Hero Show! Petition to Governor Brown
Hero Engine Diagram – Worth 10,000 Words
The Uncertainty Principle – Fiction based on High Ground
Dropping In – An Alchemical Exercise in Surfing Reality
The Question of Nihilism - The Virtue of Uncertainty (Humility)
Nature of the Problem – God’s Guessing Game
Nature of the Solution – The Learning Cycle
Solution Story UML – Bacchus Town Mission
The Road to Bacchus Town – In Nine Movements

The Character Wars: A Writer’s Guide
Goes Around, Comes Around
Deity-less Does Not Mean God-less: Atheism Vs. Theism
Creationism and Mental Illness: Part 2
Creationism and Mental Illness: Part 1
Honoring Pope Francis
Pope Francis Saves the Planet
Defining God
Truth and Consequences
Character Movement Concepts
Tao & Zen: Opening of the Hand, Closing of the Fist
Selling Heaven: The Pirate Bank Shot
The Jesus Escape: Opening the Christian Way
Loving Christian, Angry Christian

Progressive Vs Fundamentalist Christianity
12 Points of Reform for a New Christianity: By John Shelby Spong
Christianity Debate: Point #1 – Theism
Christianity Debate Point #2 – Jesus was a Man
Christianity Debate Point #3 – Creationism, Original Sin
Christianity Debate Point #4 – Virgin Birth
Christianity Debate Point #5 – Miracles
Christianity Debate Point #6 – Crucifixion
Christianity Debate Point #7 – Resurrection
Christianity Debate Point #8 – Ascension
Christianity Debate Point #9 – Inerrancy
Christianity Debate Point #10 – Prayer
Christianity Debate Point #11 – Guilt
Christianity Debate Point #12 – Discrimination

Letters to Pope Francis
Why Letters to Pope Francis?
Author’s Forward
Re: The Peace Story – Ending War and Poverty
Re: The Threshold of Uncertainty
Re: The Hero Jesus Story and the Crucifixion Climax


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