The Lord’s Bedchamber

My Secret Hero Journey

by Christopher Sly

The Story – Bacchus challenges Shakespeare for the Players

Act I: In which I awaken in The Lord’s Bedchamber.

Act II: In which Christopher Sly awakens in The Lord’s Bedchamber, by William Shakespeare.

Act III: In which I put Bacchus on to challenge Shakespeare for the Players.

Act IV: In which Baccbus takes on the role of Christopher Sly to figure out what Shakespeare is up to.

Act V: In which Pope Francis awakens in The Lord’s Bedchamber – by Christopher Sly.

The Play – My Secret Hero Journey

Prologue: Here me oh muse.

Act I: High Ground – The bizzare story of my “enlightenment” (1995)

Acts II, III, IV: The Lord’s Bedchamber (2002)

Act V: Letters to Pope Francis (2014) -

-      Act I: The Call to Adventure

-      Act II: The Threshold of Uncertainty

-      Act III: The Hero Returns

Character Movement Concepts

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#2: The Santa Claus Shift

#3: The Threshold of Uncertainty

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