Goodbye Bacchus Town

I just cloned this site to my home server and cancelled my hosting. This site will disappear within hours. Hope you got what you needed. Thanks for stopping by. The site will be back focused on building the Hero Science Project.

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Extreme Makeover: BT Edition

Giving notice that Bacchus Town is about to undergo a major evolution that is going to begin with a clean slate. I am going to save what content I have left to my computer and cancel this hosting account. All of the content left will disappear, perhaps forever.

My current plan is to reopen BT on a more affordable host and restructure. There may be a day or two between the cancellation of my current host and the reopening as a clean install. Then I will begin developing the new Bacchus Town around the Hero Science Project team problem solving game.

Home Page – Hero Science Project Magazine (WordPress)
Hero Science Project – HSP Team Solution Play (MyBB)


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